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Thank you for expressing yourself through these kind words, I'm honored to post them. I thank you for trusting Me with your presence and for gifting Me with such special moments. My thoughts are with you. ~ Ms. V

A Closeted CD'er

I have been a closet CD'er for many years. I found Ms. Victoria on the web and anguished for over a year if I should go and expose my secrete to someone, as she would be the very first and I did not know what to expect as a first timer. From the first moment I saw her standing in the door to greet me, I knew I had made the right decision. She is the most caring, loving and sincere person. Within minutes, I felt as if, I have always known her. The experience was beyond anything I can even explain. The transformation with her was beautiful. She turned me into someone I thought, would never be possible. She made my dreams come true and I have been dreaming about the session ever since. A most beautiful experience. I cannot wait until see her again! ~Dakota

Worth The Admission Fee!

I thoroughly enjoyed the time with you this afternoon. you are certainly worth the admission fee! ~Sydney 

Blown Away!

Good evening Victoria, Thank you for including me in your photoshoot event. Your vision for helping those of us trapped in our bodies is wonderful. I think we crossdressers desperately want the world to know who we really are, but of course, are often trapped in the lives we live. I loved being in my favorite outfit waiting my turn for makeup, it was a complete release. I was blown away by my transition and loved being a woman! Thank you for giving me the opportunity. ~Jenny

Magical Brunette

Oh my, I had to write again, I'm just blown away! You've made my day, my month, my ??? The blonde wig, yes, but The brunette, my dear friend V, THAT is what I needed to see. It is the best compliment, the color, the style, everything. I'm seeing the future more clearly now. Thank you. I can't say it enough. You've made magic for me! Fondly ~ G

Extremely Talented Artist

An extremely talented artist/therapist with a great understanding of the variety and complexity of human desires. Victoria has empathy, a sense of fun and humor & an impressive feel, for where & how far to go. She is warm, caring and a very skilled and appealing professional. A wonderful, exciting & sexy experience ~ Suzanne

An Exceptional Transformation!

Thank you for a wonderful session today. It was everything I was hoping for and more. Firstly you are stunning and I'm grateful, just to have been in your presence. You performed an exceptional transformation, turning me into a stunning woman! You made me feel, sexy and sultry. I'm out tonight, enjoying a full day of womanhood! ~ Bree

My Birthday Gift, Amazing!

Thank you for everything Victoria, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my birthday. I’m so glad I finally took the step and I feel blessed it was you, taking me by the hand, to guide me. My transformation, WOW & Amazing! I had a hard time, believing what I saw & now makes me wonder of all the possibilities! ~ Kiley 

Exciting & Refreshing!

How many ways to say thank you? Not enough. I replay yesterday over & over, there were times, I literally felt, intoxicated! Not a single moment which wasn't exciting and fun. Reflecting on our conversations, it is invigorating to talk with you and share opinions & thoughts. It means the world to me ~ Gigi 

Mini Skirt & Black Boots

Good morning Victoria, I still can't get our session out of my mind! What I really love about you is, the love and caring you show me throughout our time together, thank you again for such an amazing session! Looking at my pictures is releasing the inner girl in me!! Next time I go out, I'll be in a mini skirt, tight form fitting top and knee high black boots!!  I am so thankful, You are the BEST!!!! Between seeing you & going out that night, it was the best birthday I've had in a long time! ~Helen 

Mannerisms, Posture & Curves

I just wanted to write you a quick thank you note and say that yesterday was amazing! I had such a wonderful time and I'm so thankful that I was able to experience it. I feel like such a lucky little girl! I enjoyed chatting with you, being in your company and I'm looking forward to the shopping trip to get me ready for my first Saturday night out at Hamburger Mary's. In the meantime I will continue working on my feminine mannerisms, posture, curves and angles in the mirror. Thank you again Ms. V for everything you do! ~ Kaley

In My 20's Again!

I meant to tell you how old I was last Sunday on my birthday. I turned 57. You made me feel I was in my 20s again. This has truly been a spectacular and unbelievable week for me. I have confidence, that I never had before. The memories will last a life time for sure and I hope there will be many more. Thank you for all you do. Your a special lady Ms. Victoria. ~Dakota girl

Stunning Results!

Hi Victoria, Thank you so much for my pictures, they are indeed stunning!!! it was great working with you and your talented staff. Very impressive results! ~Shayla 

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