Crossdressers Femme Lockers

Been Hiding Your Beautiful Crossdressing Clothes?

You no longer need to worry about your partner, coworker or family member, finding your items. You no longer need, to rehearse that script, should you be discovered. Private wardrobe lockers are available for all your girly sissy clothes, women’s lingerie, dresses and high heels.

Buying & Throwing Away, Your Entire, Female Wardrobe?

Crossdressers please don’t purge your treasured things. It takes so much dedication, time and money, to build a beautiful wardrobe of clothes, make-up & shoes. Purging often makes it worse; losing very precious belongings, knowing, you really don’t want to give up dressing.

No Where To Send, Those Fabulous Online Femme Purchases?

All crossdressing, TG, TV, Transgender T-girl lockers, come with a secure mailing address for your online shopping purchases. Shop away and have your packages, sent to Ditta Von Pink's Studio. Need a place for trying on, your new items? Ditta Von Pink, is here for you!


Femme Wardrobe Storage

  • CD Locker Rental

    Hugely popular, are Ditta Von Pink's locker rentals, available to crossdressers needing a safe place, to keep their femme attire. A great option for those concerned, their clothing may be discovered at home or office, or those needing to take a break from dressing, without feeling the need to purge costly wardrobes. Your beautiful items will be safely stored, waiting for your return. Price (3mo.): Small $105 - Medium $135 - Large $195

  • Online Shipping Address

    Online shopping for crossdressing attire is an exhilarating experience, with an abundance of exciting choices. If you need guidance on sizing or where to shop, please inquire. Shipping address to studio is included in locker rentals and will be provided at sign-up, it's that easy! Shop your hearts content and send your packages to the Ditta Von Pink studio!

  • Studio DIY Dress Up Time

    Available to all crossdressers, a private place, for your own dressing time. Bring your femme attire, makeup, wigs & heels. Locker members, revisit your stored items or try on newly purchased items, received on your behalf by Ditta Von Pink. Crossdress and lounge, in private & comfortable surroundings. Full lighted makeup station & floor to ceiling mirrors to practice your female deportment. More studio amenities, can be found below. Price: $120 hr (2 hr min)

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Ditta Von Pink's crossdressing studio, located in Southern California, offers storage locker rentals for crossdressers. The most commonly asked questions can be found below. This FAQ, answers questions about location, the studio's dressing hours, locker availability, privacy, as well as protocols for entering & leaving enFemme. It is, by no means exhaustive, if you have a burning question not found within, I'd be happy to answer it.

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